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Landlords Online

Landlords Online

Exciting News for Landlords

Ever wanted online access to your Current Rent Balances, Current & Previous Statements, Property details and SA105 Inland Revenue Land & Property Form 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Well, now you can!

As part of our continuing investment in our property management service, we are now pleased to announce a new service called "Landlords Online".

One of the onerous duties of a landlord is the mandatory completion of the SA105 Land & Property Form as part of the annual self-assessment Tax Return. As a subscriber to this service, you will have access to a copy of the Land and Property form (Form SA105) of your annual Tax Return that you or your accountant must complete each year, plus, 24 hour access to your statements and property details.

The SA105 Land & Property form will be completed with all income and expenses for all properties that we manage for you and will be in the Inland Revenue approved format ready for onward online filing. The supplied form will be available for download from a secure website where all figures can be edited allowing you to enter transactions that we have not handled, such as mortgage interest payments; the website will keep a track of any changes or amendments made for your reference.

An itemised breakdown of income and expenditure included within the form, plus an itemised list of all items that are considered as non deductible for tax purposes will be available alongside the form itself. We hope that this new service will make tracking your property investment income and expenses easier and may also reduce your annual accountancy charges.

The cost of access to Landlords Online and the provision of the SA105 is affordably priced per 12 Month Period (and is tax deductible!). The cost is the same regardless of the number of properties that we manage for you provided that they are all managed under the same Landlord's Account. Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service you will have immediate access to the online information.

To take advantage of this new and exciting service, please contact us for further information.